Kids Say the Darndest Things

Working with teens everyday, you get to hear/say/be a part of some pretty fun and strange things. Here are a few that have occurred during this current school year, taken from my Facebook page.


An FYI for the teenagers: When you ask someone to take a “selfie” for you, and that person is not in the pic, it’s called a “photo” or a “picture”.


The 3 best things I heard today (without context):
1. Confidently awkward
2. Suck it, skinny person
3. What if you put jam in between 2 peanut butter cookies?


No word of a lie: my brain is so tired that last night I was trying to say the word “photocopy”, but my brain gave me the word “vampire”. Say What?! I had to pause as I knew this wasn’t the right word, and waited for “photocopy” to make it’s way to the front. Took a while though. :/


Things you think about on a 4 hr road trip with a van full of girls:
– there can’t be that many new poses or facial expressions for you to keep taking selfies for almost the whole trip
– there are an inordinate amount of songs about the female butt, ass, booty, bass, etc. (and how the “singer” would like to touch it, tap it, lick it, etc.)
– 15 passenger vans are very hard to heat/cool to the satisfaction of all… esp. when you also need to defrost the windshield.


Told one of the girls I loved her (I’m a firm believer that they need to hear it from an adult now and again). Her response: I know. Everyone does.


Myrna have you seen the movie The Purge? We should do that in the dorm.

Um. Okay?



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